Full-Service New York Wine Storage

Located minutes from Manhattan in the vault of the former American Bank Note Building, The Wine Cellarage comprises 25,000 square feet of premium, state-of-the-art wine storage that is home to some of the most valuable wines in the world. Over 400 private collectors store their wines in ideal climate-controlled conditions. All of our own stock enjoys the same perfect cellarage.

  • Industrial grade refrigeration of 55 degrees
  • 60 percent minimum humidity control
  • R-25 vapor barrier layered insulation
  • Back-up refrigeration system
  • Facility-wide video surveillance and 24-hour guard service
  • Inventory control using leading edge database and bar code tracking
  • Online account access
NYC Wine Storage

General Wine Storage Fees

Number of Cases Price/Case per Month
1 - 49 $2.75
50 - 99 $2.65
100 - 149 $2.55
150+ $2.20
$38.00 minimum monthly fee

Inventory & Handling Fees

Inventory & Handling Fee
Each whole case entering or leaving the cellar $3.75 Per Case
Each mixed case with bottle-level inventory control entering the cellar $3.75 Per Line Item
Each case leaving the cellar $3.75
Each item or line item entering or leaving the cellar $3.75 Per Line Item
Consolidation Service $3.75 Per Line Item
Box Fees $10.00 Per Lay-flat Cardboard Box

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